New 2014 ESD and Electronic Production Equipment catalogue

These are the most important news:
– Motorized counter for SMD (County-S EVO)
– Manual counter for axial, radial and SMD (County-EVO)
– Ovens for baking with indicator and humidity control that can ensure <5% RH for 40°C<T<100°C (Sahara Dry)
– Test station with fingerprint operator identification (Test Station EVO)
Calibration unit suitable for all of our test stations
Continuous Monitor to check the integrity of the operator and one ESD worksurface
– New version of DryLogger, the thermo hygrometer with data logger and now with alarm
– Our dry cabinets can now be equipped with rack trolleys and alarm module
Carbon fibre static dischargers to neutralize static electricity on flat surfaces
– Expanded our line of chairs with Young chairs
– Detergents that cleans work surfaces and floors releasing a dissipative patina (ELECSTAT-G)
– ESD socks
– ESD nitrile gloves