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The Iteco Trading S.r.l. is a company established in 1981 with the aim of producing and marketing equipment for the electronics industry.
We operate on an area of ​​3000 m² (2200 m² of warehouse, 300 m² of offices and 500 m² of production) and we are planning an extension of 700 m² mainly used for production.
The vast stock availability and operational flexibility allow short delivery times, both for small and large quantities.
The share of foreign turnover is over 50% and this percentage is continuously increasing in recent years.

We are a company, but above all we are a team of people.

The numbers above do not reflect our true nature which is made up of people. We are reliable, friendly and always try to assist the customer and serve him according to his particular needs.

We are designers, manufacturers, dealers and we offer the right solution to the customer.

Our components counters (County EVO and County/S EVO), designed and built entirely by us, are the most used in Europe for counting electronic components.
For the EPA areas we produce Test Station and Test Station EVO with recognition of the operator via fingerprint.
We have a wide range of tools for ESD measurements (Walking Test EVO, Gigalab EVO, Labeohm EASY, Labeohm EVO, Charger EVO) designed and built entirely by us.
Thanks to an automated cutting plotter we are able to supply shaped and perforated antistatic mats to customer specifications.


Alberto Plano - Valerio Plano

Alberto Plano (left)
President - IT/R&D Manager

Valerio Plano (right)
CEO - Sales Manager

Chiara Musso

Sales and Logistics

Fausto Dalmasso

Technical Assistance

Francesco Lomartire

Quality - Technical Assistance

Fabio Ventura

Purchasing Manager

Marianna Amprino


Stefania Giacone

Secretariat and Logistics