Carousels (ESD)

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Carousel system
The basic carousel system consists of four rotating trays stacked on the top of each other and secured to a stable metal base by a central column. The whole unit can be tilted through 20.
They can be supplied with diameter 450 or 600mm and are available in black dissipative material (Surface resistivity of 10^6 – 10^9 Ω), or orange non antistatic version.
Standards models have 4 trays, but it is easy to assembly carousels with different heights by means of single trays and of the assembly kit. It is possible to mix different diameter trays on the same kit, because the central hunging part is the same.

7804.615: Carousel system, 4 trays, 450mm diam., black ESD
7804.620: Carousel system, 4 trays, 600mm diam., black ESD
7804.616: Carousel system, 4 trays, 450mm diam., orange non ESD
7804.621: Carousel system, 4 trays, 600mm diam., orange non ESD

6580.390: 450mm tray orange non ESD
6580.391: 450mm tray black ESD
6580.394: 600mm tray orange non ESD
6580.395: 600mm tray black ESD

6580.396: Assembling kit, for 1 tray, witout bins
6580.397: Assembling kit, for 2 tray, witout bins
6580.398: Assembling kit, for 3 tray, witout bins
6580.399: Assembling kit, for 4 tray, witout bins
6580.400: Assembling kit, for 5 tray, witout bins