Cartons (ESD)

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Sliding sleeve boxes
Reusable, sturdy cartons made from conductive corrugated board, with internal antistatic foam
Surface resistivity: < 10^5 Ω
7806.051 EUR1, ext 215x120x55, int 190x100x30
7806.056 EUR2, ext 285x180x55, int 260x165x30
7806.061 LAB1, ext 325x285x70, int 285x270x35
7806.066 SAB1, ext 220x145x100, int 195x130x75
7806.078 SAB3, ext 300x200x90, int 260x185x50
7806.076 SAB2, ext 350x280x90, int 310x265x50
7806.081 LAB2, ext 390x320x70, int 350x305x35

Simm shippers
Designed to ship SIMM or DIMM modules, the containers are normally assembled with internal antistatic foams. A hard type on the bottom, a middle foam with the cells, and a soft cushioning foam on the top.

HYBRID H28, ext 320x240x28, int 294x235x25mm
7806.032 HYBRID H40, ext 320x240x40, int 294x235x37mm
7806.322 Antistatic hard foam 235x294x6mm
7806.324 Antistatic hard foam with dividers, 81 cells 90x3mm, 235x294x6mm
7806.326 Antistatic hard foam with dividers, 108 cells 60x3mm, 235x294x6mm
7806.320 Antistatic cushioning foam 235x294x6mm


Cartonbox 30, int 352x560x130(H) without cover, without dividers
7806.226 Cartonbox 50, int 352x560x210(H) without cover, without dividers
8718.091 Cartonbox cover
7806.211 Type C divider, L=555, H=100, pitch 19, 28 slots (for Cartonbox 30)
7806.215 Type D divider, L=350, H=100, pitch 19, 17 slots (for Cartonbox 30)
7806.217 Type C divider, L=552, H=200, pitch 31, 17 slots (for Cartonbox 50)
7806.216 Type D divider, L=350, H=200, pitch 30, 11 slots (for Cartonbox 50)
7806.219 Type C divider, L=552, H=300, pitch 31, 17 slots (for Newbox 70)
7806.218 Type D divider, L=350, H=300, pitch 30, 11 slots (for Newbox 70)

Packing tape

7807.121: Antistatic paper adhesive tape, yellow with ESD symbol, paper tape with water based acrylic adhesive, 50mm wide, 50m long roll
7807.170: PVC adhesive tape, yellow with ESD symbol, conventional PVC auto adhesive tape, 50mm wide, 66m loong roll