Clean Room’s Equipments

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Sticky mat for clean rooms Sticky Mat for clean rooms
Numbered Multilayer Stichy Mats, for progressive removal when dirty.
The special adhesiveness ensures collecting of dust and particles of shoe soles and cartwheels by passing over the mat.
It should be placed where cleanness is required.

7807.350: Multilayer Sticky Mat with 30 layers, dimensions 660x1140mm

Silicon sticky roller for contamination removing
The silicon sticky roller is an hand-held device for cleaning films, panels, work surfaces, walls, glass, and it is useful in cleanroom environments too. It will pick up particles from any flat surface without damaging the surface or leaving anything behind. Once the roller has been applied to the surface it is rolled over a special adhesive pad that removes the debris, leaving the roller ready for the next application.

7913.151: Single cleaning roller dim. 150mm, with small handle
7913.154: Single cleaning roller dim. 300mm, with small handle
7913.158: Spare cleaning roller dim. 150mm. no handle
7913.160: Spare cleaning roller dim. 300mm. no handle

7913.170: DCR-PAD Block of 50 adhesive paper sheets dim. 240x333mm, 5 blocks per pad

Esd gloves Vinyl gloves
Made in dissipative vinyl are suitable for use in white chambers.
Electrostatic decay time: < 2sec

7805.005 Dissipative vinyl gloves small size (100pcs)
7805.007  Dissipative vinyl gloves medium size (100pcs)
7805.009  Dissipative vinyl gloves large size (100pcs)

Esd gloves Nitrile gloves
Made in dissipative NITRILE, dust-free, double chlorination, are suitable for use in clean rooms, pharmaceutical, laboratory of analysis.
Electrostatic decay time: < 2sec

7804.810 Dissipative green NITRILE gloves,(100 pcs) small size
7804.811 Dissipative green NITRILE gloves,(100 pcs) medium size
7804.812 Dissipative green NITRILE gloves,(100 pcs) large size
7804.813 Dissipative green NITRILE gloves,(100 pcs) XL size

ESD shoe covers Disposable shoe covers
Shoe covers are used in hospital, clean romms and other industrial facilities. They are made by disposable blue polypropylene material, with white threa for traction and an elastic opening for a snug fit around the ankle

  Light blue shoe cover 1000 pcs packaging

ESD finger cots Dissipative finger cots
Dissipative latex finger cots, provide excellent tactile sensitivity for handling of ESD sensitive components.
Surface resistivity: <4×10^10Ω
Thickness: 76μm

  Dissipative finger cots size M, 1440 pcs/packing
7805.015  Dissipative finger cots size L, 1440 pcs/packing

Self-adhesive polyester film
Transparent static dissipative, self adhesive Polyester film. It includes a special abrasion resistant coating on one side and a release film on the other side. It can be applied on flat, insulative surfaces.
Point to point resistance: 10^8 Ω to 10^10 Ω
Dissipative Polyester film: 100μm thickness
Dissipative acrylic adhesive: 12μm thickness
Release Not ESD film:
23μm thickness

7809.042: Self-adhesive polyester film 1000mm x 100m roll. Custom size on request