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Electronic component counter

Electronic component counter

County EVO is a microcomputer based instrument which counts axial, radial and SMD (with 8301.018 option) components.
Technical features
Counting in both directions (left or right)
Divider from 1 to 19 (and multiplier 2,3,4 for 0402, 0201  and 01005 components)
Totalizer mode counting
Preset mode counting (with an audible alarm when the desired component number is reached)
Calibration test and self diagnostic procedure
Last counting value and condition memory
Models 8301.088 with rechargeable battery, Barcode reader input, output for Printer/PC, Watch, Datalogger with 500 counting records.
Maximum counting value: 899999 counts
Minimum lead diameter: 0.4mm
Axial component bandolier width: 55 – 110mm
Radial component bandolier width: max 18mm
Maximum component diameter : 14mm
Display: 4 digits 13mm height
Dimensions: 240x130x110mm
Weight: 1.8Kg

Axial counting
Rotate 180º the plastic mobile guide.
Radial counting

For bandolier counting the 8301.023 support is available, with an easily inserted 8301.025 handle.

SMD component counting
The County adaptor for counting taped SMD components is an optional accessory (8301.018), allows the counting of the SMD components through the holes of the support tape. The worktop 8301.027 includes two easy insertions pins with adjustable clutch. Furthermore, at least one handle (8301.030) is required for rewinding the reels.
The aluminum empty reel (8301.021) is an available optional to speed up the counting operations and subsequent rewinding of the SMD components

It’s small, lightweight and ergonomic design, coiled cable included, a wider than usual scan angle provides the ability to read a longer bar code from a shorter distance, IP42 protection. The barcode is connected and powered via a single cable, without the hassle of two separate cables.

Thermal label printer
Direct thermal label printer built for ease-of-use and durability, ac adaptor 110-230Vac and data cable included. Maximum print width is 104mm however the print is optimized for 57x51mm labels

Software “EVO Manager” to connect the County EVO to a PC
With this free software it’s possible to work in 3 modes:
– Custom Printer Label to print the label on a printer connected to the PC
– Sendkeys to send input to a target program (eg Microsoft Excel). The target program will receive inputs as from a keyboard.
– Datalogger to import on a table all the records of the last 500 works performed. This table can be exported in a common spreadsheet (eg Microsoft Excel).
License: Freeware
S.O.: Windows XP/7/8/10
File size: 604Kb

 EvoManager1.3 The program was tested for many printers.
Test it now, even without the counter, for compatibility.

8301.087: County EVO 100-240V, 50-60H
8301.088: County EVO 10-240V, 50-60Hz with accumulator, barcode input, printer output, watch
8301.350: ISO9000 Traceable® Certificate

Accessories for counting of PTH taped component
8301.023: Complete support for rolled bandolier (1 pcs)
8301.025: Bandolier handle

Accessories for counting of SMD taped component
8301.018: SMD County adaptor
8301.027: Worktop with 2 pins for reel
8301.030: SMD bandolier handle
8301.021: Empty Reel aluminium made for County-EVO

Barcode e Printer
8301.155: Barcode with coiled cord
8301.095: Direct thermal label printer
8301.096: 57x51mm, 1360 labels/roll

 EvoManager1.3 The program was tested for many printers. Test it now, even without the counter, for compatibility.