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8106.803 8106.807 8106.814

Drylogger (included)LogManager software (included)
Adjustable shelves
Technical specifications
Humidity range: <5% RH guaranteed, typical 2%RH
Colour: light grey, RAL 7035
Power supply: 230Vac
1.2mm thick carbon steel with antistatic paint
Door: 520x755mm, magnetic hermetically sealed, with key lock
Grounding wire: 2m long
ESD paint: 10^3 – 10^9 Ω

Advantages about Ghibli-Pro
Easy use:
It’s plug and play, just connect it to the main supply without any settings and it will be stable at less than 5%RH (5%RH is guaranteed but the cabinets easily reach 2%RH).
The dehumidifier units are always active and not controlled by any sensor. This avoid dangerous problems due to malfunction or drift of hygrometers.
Easy calibration:
Inside every cabinet there is a portable hygrometer (DryLogger 9265.302) visible through the glass of the upper door. You can return it for calibration anytime without problems: the cabinet
still works to the best.
• The portable instrument DryLogger can measure RH & Temperature values in several points inside the cabinet, and can record H/T and transfer the data to PC for graphing and analyzing. Made for very low humidity measurement can be used also for applications outside the cabinets.
Modular design:
The dehumidifier modules are easy extractable with only a screwdriver. This allow easy reparation and grant the long life of the cabinet, over 20 years, as long as the metal structure last. This is our green policy.
• Smart magnetic handles with key lock at every door. The front of the cabinet is flat.
• 2 years warranty.
Data analysis
With the portable instrument DryLogger and the software LogManager supplied with every cabinet you can calculate the time intervals and percentage that exceed the 10%RH or 5%RH which leads to the estimation of the MSD floor life (“Floor Life” is the allowable time period after removal from a moisture barrier bag, dry storage or dry bake and before the solder process reflow).

Capacity 338L 668L 1384L
External dimensions
(Adjustable feet excluded)
580x767x895mm 580x767x1755mm 1160x765x1720mm
Internal dimensions 520x755x860mm 520x755x1700mm 1100x740x1700mm
Shelves 2 5 5
Shelf size 510x606x18mm 510x606x18mm 1094x606x18mm
Average power 40W 80W 80W
Maximum power 250W 500W 500W
Weight 56Kg 118Kg 178Kg

Additional shelves
8106.840: Additional shelf 510x606x18mm for Ghibli-Pro 350L/700L
8106.841: Additional shelf 1094x606x18mm for Ghibli-Pro 1400L

Conductive wheels
8106.850: Conductive wheel kit for Ghibli-Pro

Alarm Box
With this option it is possible to set an alarm that become active when, after a certain period of time, humidity or temperature are above a predetermined maximum threshold. In case of alarm the beacon flashes and the buzzer is activated. The buzzer can be silenced by pressing a button on the Alarm Box.
8104.856: Alarm Box for Ghibli-Pro 350L/700L/1400L

Tray holder
Stainless steel structure professional rack that can be placed inside Ghibli-II model 8104.800, 8104804, 8104.808, 8104.812
8104.865: Rack 10 tray store for Ghibli-II
8104.583: Aluminium tray 530x530x12mm