ESD Moisture Barrier Bags

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Moisture barrier bags
(packages of 100pcs)Excellent in EMI/RFI static field shielding, these bags are water vapor proof and grease proof. Used as packaging of electrostatic/humidity sensitive parts, disk drives, flat pack etc.
Heat sealable, moisture barrier bags are made from a multilayer metallized film. We suggest to place inside the barrier bags a moisture desiccant bag to eliminate the residual moisture.


MIL-B-81705G class 1 TC1 SBM356
Surface resistivity: <10^11 Ω
Electrostatic decay: < 0.1sec

Thickness 85μm (Opening on the short side)
100 x 660 mm 7804.344
150 x 660 mm 7804.347
200 x 250 mm 7804.348
250 x 660 mm 7804.350
400 x 400 mm 7804.354
400 x 660 mm 7804.353
450 x 450 mm 7804.355
450 x 660 mm 7804.356
Surface resistivity: <10^11 Ω
Electrostatic decay: < 0.1sec

Thickness 150μm (Opening on the short side)
100 x 660 mm 7804.344P
150 x 660 mm 7804.347P
200 x 250 mm 7804.348P
250 x 660 mm 7804.350P
400 x 400 mm 7804.354P
400 x 660 mm 7804.353P
450 x 450 mm 7804.355P
450 x 660 mm 7804.356P

7914.002  bags gr.12 1/3U-DIN (100 pcs)
7914.005  bags Tyvek gr.34 1U-DIN(300 pcs)

7914.008  3 spot humidity indicator card 5-10-60% ( 500pcs)

ESD tape Clear dissipative tape
Clear dissipative tape used to seal shielding bags or boxes.
Generates low electrostatic charge and can be used in EPA.
Material: Cellulose based tape with rubber based adhesive
Surface resistivity:
10^9 – 10^11 Ω
< 2 sec a 25% rH

   Clear dissipative tape 12mm x 66m
7807.181   Clear dissipative tape 24mm x 36m

Dry Pack
After reels extraction from their Dry Pack and partial assembling and soldering of the components, what to do with the left parts?
The ideal solutions are to solder them immediately before Floor Time expiration or to store them into a dry cabinet.
In alternative it is possible to seal them again into a new Dry Pack like the one shown above.
To seal the moisture barrier bag it is needed a heatsealers.