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ESD rack Laberack
Laberack is an adjustable frames that provides a secure method for storage and handling of mounted PCBs or LABEFIX trays.

Material: dissipative polypropylene 10^6 – 10^8 Ω
: dimensions 480x290x35mm
Intermediate wall: dimensions 470x280x40mm
Connecting rail: section 30x15mm
Number of storage channels: 79
Distance between channel centres: 5mm
Maximum PCB thickness: 2.3mm max
Channel depth: 4mm
Stainless stell stiffening rib.
Bolts and screws included with sidewalls and intermediate walls.

7804.002: Aluminium connecting rail (length cut to max 3m) To give the exact length of connecting rail add to the board width 20mm for each sidewall and 6mm for intermediate wall
7804.007: Sidewall in black dissipative polypropylene +70°C
7804.017: Intermediate wall in black dissipative polypropylene +70°C
7804.021: Handle for transport (rail fixing)
7804.025: Bag of 40 spare screws and bolts
7804.040: Clips for sidewall (with labels), package 100pz
7804.041: Clips for intermediate wall (with labels), package 100pz

On request: sidewall and intermediate wall in black or orange ABS (not ESD)

Safe storage and transport system for PCBs from assembly through testing. Easy snap-together system to increase storage capacity. The racks are made from black static dissipative polypropylene (from 10^5 to 10^8 Ω surface resistivity)

Sidewall: dimensions 300x170x21mm
Connecting rail: section 37x9mm
Number of storage channels: 44
Distance between channel centres: 6mm
Maximum PCB thickness: 3.8mm max
Channel depth: 3mm
Bolts and screws included with sidewalls and intermediate walls.

7804.052: Sidewall black dissipative
7804.060: Aluminium connecting rail (max 3mt)
7804.072: Flat slide black conductive
7804.075: Bag of 40 spare nuts and bolts

Made in conductive polypropylene, LABESERT racks are suitable for automatic PCB insertion machines.

Channel pitch: 10mm
PCB adjustement: from 40 to 260mm
Side Guide Slot: depth 3.5mm – width 7mm

7804.110: LABESERT 10-2 Rack, Walls and terminal plates made by conductive plastic (60°C), dim. 315x355x575(H)mm

Made from black conductive polypropylene, LABETRAY have multiple uses in the static free environment, as holding the PCBs during assembly, testing and rework.

7804.130: Conductive L-shaped LABETRAY, dimensions 208x272x93mm
7804.132: Conductive L-shaped LABETRAY, dimensions 355x268x128mm
7804.134: Conductive flat LABETRAY, 25 slots,  490x180x50mm

A mobile PCBs’store, ideal for transporting work process and storing large quantities of boards. Adjustable panels with horizontal slides feature 12.54mm (1/2″) spacing. Made by stainless stell structure and conductive plastic panels. 84 slides per side, accepts boards or trays up to 9mm thickness.

8104.312: Stainless steel lateral support post
8104.318: Stainless steel stud diam. 25x1000mm (n. 6 each cart)
8104.327: Side wall 1120x510mm with 84 rails
8104.325: Intermediate wall 1120x510mm with 84 rails each side
8104.330: Lower stainless steel shelf 660x1000mm
8104.695: Conductive wheel kit, diam. 125mm (2 with brake)
8104.696: NON-ESD wheel kit, diam. 125mm (2 with brake)

Chariotte trolley for LABERACK
Chariotte conductive trolley can be customized to carry PCB. The trolley shown in figure consists of four LABERACK carriers, securely housed on the two special double support shelves.More information at CHARIOTTE TROLLEYS