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Tray trolleys for EPA areas
Supporting structure made of tubolar AISI 304 stainless steel.
Tray trolleys with height of 1520mm shall be equipped with 1 stiffening cross on the back side and 1 central tie rod on front side.
Pivoting conductive wheels, diam. 125mm (2 with brakes). The optional stainless steel shelf can be placed on the bottom and on the top.

Load capacity: 250Kg
8104.605: Lateral support post rair, 20 rails 825(H)x400(P)mm
8104.607: Lateral support post rair, 20 rails 825(H)x660(P)mm
8104.610: Lateral support post rair, 38 rails 1520(H)x400(P)mm
8104.612: Lateral support post rair, 38 rails 1520(H)x660(P)mm
8104.650: Stringer 25x25x508(L)mm
8104.651: Stringer 25x25x538(L)mm
8104.654: Stringer 25x25x808(L)mm
8104.660: Central tie rod Ø 8×508(L)mm
8104.661: Central tie rod Ø 8×538(L)mm
8104.664: Central tie rod Ø 8×808(L)mm
8104.685: Stiffening cross 1520(H)x508(L)mm
8104.686: Stiffening cross 1520(H)x538(L)mm
8104.687: Stiffening cross 1520(H)x808(L)mm
8104.670: Inox shelf 10/10 400(P)x508(L)mm (optional)
8104.674: Inox shelf 10/10 660(P)x508(L)mm (optional)
8104.675: Inox shelf 10/10 400(P)x538(L)mm (optional)
8104.676: Inox shelf 10/10 660(P)x538(L)mm (optional)
8104.678: Inox shelf 10/10 400(P)x808(L)mm (optional)
8104.682: Inox shelf 10/10 660(P)x808(L)mm (optional)
8104.695: Pivoting conductive wheels kit, diam. 125mm (2 with brakes)
8104.696: Set of 4 NON-ESD castors, diam. 125mm (2 with brakes)

Flat trays, made of aluminium alloy 3003 with anti-injuries laps.
Thickness: 15/10
8104.580: Tray L=500mm P=330mm H=12mm Thickness=1.2mm
8104.582: Tray L=500mm P=390mm H=12mm Thickness=1.2mm
8104.584: Tray L=500mm P=650mm H=15mm Thickness=1.2mm
8104.587: Tray L=535mm P=290mm H=15mm Thickness=1.2mm
8104.588: Tray L=535mm P=600mm H=15mm Thickness=1.2mm
8104.592: Tray L=800mm P=330mm H=15mm Thickness=1.2mm
8104.594: Tray L=800mm P=390mm H=15mm Thickness=1.5mm
8104.596: Tray L=800mm P=650mm H=16mm Thickness=1.5mm 

Stainless steel carts
Stainless steel carts – AISI304 with solid conductive wheels Ø125mm, 2 with brake.

Load capacity for single shelf: 50Kg
: 2 U-handle KIT, with conductive wheels
8104.706: Shelf – dim. 800 x 500mm
8104.708: Shelf – dim. 1000 x 500mm

Load capacity for single shelf: 200Kg
8104.720: Trolley – dim. 1000 x 550mm

Treston trolleys

Storage trolley is an easy solution for mobile storage, it has an adjustable middle shelf and all shelves are fitted with standard rubber mats.
Set of 4 ESD castors diam. 100mm (2 with brake)
S852773-49: TRESTON TROLLEY ESD dim. 650x450x775mm, max. load 3x30kg


The Trolley can be equipped with several accessories to transport and store tools and electronic components.
Set of 4 ESD castors Ø125mm (2 with brake).
The Trolley is available in 2 versions:
– The TRTA / 2 version has 2 shelves dim. 800×400. Load max. 150kg.
– The TRTA / 4 version has 4 shelves dim. 800×400. Load max. 300kg.
TRTA4082 ESD: TROLLEY TRTA /2 ESD 890x530x1020mm
TRTA5104 ESD: TROLLEY TRTA /4 ESD 1090x630x1515mm