Electrostatic Fieldmeter

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The 775 electrostatic meter detects and measures intensity and polarity of electrostatic fields.
Indispensable for checking packaging materials, circuit assemblies, ionized areas. This versatile meters offers:
– Digital display in KV from 0 to 20KV at 1″ (25.4mm)
– Accuracy 5%
– LED distancing feature for accuracy
– Chopper stabilized circuit, for accurate reading in a ionized environment.
– Analog output for recorder

9265.501: Electrostatic Field Meter, 9V battery included

The 9265.503 is a Periodic Verification System which includes a detachable isolated plate and a Charger EVO in addition to the fieldmeter.
Together, the three components can be used to verify ionizer operation and check ion balance and discharge time.

9265.403: Periodic Verification System (instrument, charger, plate cables and carrying case)