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The gosmoke exhauster is a convenient and economical solution to the fumes associated with soft soldering. Fumes close to the worker are drawn in, filtered and direct towards the ceiling where supplementary ventilation can be eventually provided. There are two models, both of them are equipped with an axial fan and a cellular activated filter, which filters out some of the colophony, tin and lead vapours contained in the fumes. The filter should be replaced every 100 working hours.
Table model:
This portable suction unit is light, space saving and quiet, by using the adjustable support the exhauster can be hung above the work table at different heights and tilted at different angles.
Tecnical features
Power: 20 W
Air volume: 130 m³/h
Noise: 45 dB (A)
7820.001: exhauster 220V (table model)
7820.003: set of 4 spare filters
7820.004: adjustable support for table model