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ESD cutting nippers

Cutting Nippers
Specially developed for the electronic, these tools are made out a special carbon steel, with elastic, ergonomic PVC handles, in two versions:
– ESD black (from 10^6 to 10^9 Ω)
– Insulating orange

A patented safety clip to prevent the cut lead to spring out dangerous is available.

ESD pliers Pliers
Professional pliers developed for the electonics industry. Short, long, rounded pliers, with smooth or serrated nose, ESD black (from 10^6 to 10^9 Ω)

ESD shears

Easy-handly shears, designed for the electronic.
Two versions available:
– ESD black (from 10^6 to 10^9 Ω)
– Insulating blue

Copper wire: max. diameter 1.63mm (14AWG)

ESD screwdrivers

Precision screwdrivers
Made in Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium accey with black tips and free rotation caps.



PG1-0 PG1-0-D 1.2×60
PG1-1 PG1-1-D 1.5×60
PG1-2 PG1-2-D 1.8×60
PG1-3 PG1-3-D 2.5×75
PG1-4 PG1-4-D 3.0×100
PG1-5 PG1-5-D 3.0×150


PG2-0 PG2-0-D PH000 2.5×60
PG2-1 PG2-1-D PH00 2.5×60
PG2-1/75 PG2-1/75-D PH00 2.5×75
PG2-2 PG2-2-D PH0 3.0×60
PG2-2/75 PG2-2/75-D PH0 3.0×75
PG2-2/100 PG2-2/100-D PH0 3.0×100
PG2-2/150 PG2-2/150-D PH0 3.0×150


PG4-0X PG4-0X-D Tx5x50
PG4-0 PG4-0-D Tx6x50
PG4-1 PG4-1-D Tx7x50
PG4-2 PG4-2-D Tx8x60
PG4-3 PG4-3-D Tx9x60
PG4-4 PG4-4-D Tx10x60
PG4-5 PG4-5-D Tx15x60


PG5-0X PG5-0X-D TRx5x50
PG5-0 PG5-0-D TRx6x50
PG5-1 PG5-1-D TRx7x50
PG5-2 PG5-2-D TRx8x60
PG5-3 PG5-3-D TRx9x60
PG5-4 PG5-4-D TRx10x60
PG5-5 PG5-5-D TRx15x60

ESD brushes

A range of conductive brushes allows thorough cleaning without risk of generating static charges. The brush consists of a conductive plastic handle and conductive fibres. Resistance from the tip of the brush to the handle is less than 10^8 Ω. Brushes should be used by operators who are earthed. Hard brushes are for scrubbing while soft ones are for brushing of delicate items such as optics and diskettes.

7807.296: Hard brush 20x70mm (open nail type)
7807.298: Hard brush 35x140mm (closed nail type)
7807.301: Hard brush 9x32mm
7807.302: Flat hard brush 12mm
7807.304: Flat hard brush 25mm
7807.306: Round hard brush 3mm diam.
7807.308: Flat soft brush 100mm
7807.310: Flat soft brush with handle 130mm