Heel And Toe Grounders (ESD)

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ESD heel and toe grounders Heel and toe grounders
Made from conductive rubber, they are used for earthing personnel where mobility is required such as in storage areas and where static protective flooring or mats have been installed.
Floors with a resistance to ground between 1 and 35MΩ are preferred.
A disposable heel grounder is available, ideal for plant visitors or anyone requiring a temporary grounding device. Expected life of 1 day.

 Disposable heel grounder (pack of 100 pcs)
7804.201 Disposable heel grounder dispenser
7804.202  Heel grounder with 2MΩ resistance
7804.203  Toe grounder with 2MΩ resistance

Disposable shoe covers
Shoe covers are used in hospital, clean romms and other industrial facilities. They are made by disposable blue polypropylene material, with white threa for traction and an elastic opening for a snug fit around the ankle

  Light blue shoe cover 1000 pcs packaging