Newbox (ESD)

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Conductive polypropylene tote boxes, stackable in EURO format (400x300mm and 600x400mm).
Surface resistivity: < 10^6 Ω

7804.705: Newbox5, ext 300x200x120, int 260x160x117
7804.706: Newbox6, ext 300x200x147, int 260x160x144
7804.709: Newbox9, ext 300x200x220, int 260x160x217
7804.690: Newbox10, ext 400x300x120, int 353x253x115
7804.687: Newbox14, ext 400x300x170, int 353x253x167
7804.688: Newbox20, ext 400x300x220, int 353x253x217
7804.704: Newbox25, ext 400x300x270, int 353x253x265
7804.689: Newbox31, ext 400x300x320, int 353x253x317
7804.692: Newbox15, ext 600x400x075, int 553x353x071
7804.694: Newbox24, ext 600x400x120, int 553x353x116
7804.693: Newbox33, ext 600x400x150, int 553x353x146
7804.698: Newbox34, ext 600x400x170, int 553x353x166
7804.699: Newbox42, ext 600x400x220, int 553x353x216
7804.696: Newbox50, ext 600x400x236, int 553x353x232
7804.695: Newbox55, ext 600x400x280, int 553x353x276
7804.697: Newbox70, ext 600x400x336, int 553x353x332
7804.685: Newbox80, ext 600x400x420, int 553x353x415
7804.713: Newbox130, ext 800x600x320, int 756x556x297

Logo application over Newbox
Any personalized logo or specific writings can be applied over the boxes, all colours available.
A plastic transparent film is thermically impressed over the box side. The result is excellent, long life, at a low cost.

Accessories for Newbox

7804.703: 300×200 conductive cover
7804.691: 400×300 conductive cover
7804.700: 600×400 conductive cover
7804.686: Snapping closure (2 each cover)
7804.923: Spring label holder
7804.701: Rollbox, 600×400 conductive trolley
7804.702: Rollbox (2 wheels with brake), 600×400 conductive trolley
7806.300: Flat divider, 10mm conductive foam for 600×400 Newbox
7804.306: Flat divider, 10mm conductive foam for 400×300 Newbox
7806.200: Flat divider, conductive fibreboard 350x550x5mm for 600×400 Newbox
7806.202: Flat divider, conductive fibreboard 350x250x5mm for 300×400 Newbox
7806.201: Flat divider, conductive fluted polypropylene LABEPLAST, 350x550x3mm for 600×400 Newbox
7806.203: Flat divider, conductive fluted polypropylene LABEPLAST, 350x250x3mm for 300×400 Newbox

Newbox case
A complete range of conductive cases, ideal for PCB storage in transit, tool boxes or instrumentation, for use in the field service environment.
Surface resistivity: < 10^6 Ω

8500.510: PC10, ext 400x300x133mm, 1 handle on long side
8500.512: PC20, ext 400x300x233mm, 1 handle on long side
8500.514: PC31, ext 400x300x333mm, 1 handle on long side
8500.516: PC15, ext 600x400x88mm, 1 handle on long side
8500.518: PC24, ext 600x400x133mm, 1 handle on long side
8500.522: PC50, ext 600x400x249mm, 2 handles on short side
8500.524: PC55, ext 600x400x293mm, 2 handles on short side
8500.526: PC70, ext 600x400x349mm, 2 handles on short side