Overalls (ESD)

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ESD overall Overalls
Designed to provide an effective screen against a static field.
– Style 3/4 length, unisex, with two side pockets and one breast pocket
– 70% cotton, 24% polyester, 6% conductive carbon fibre
– Lightweight (120g/)
– Washable without losing conductive properties
– Charge decay < 2sec

  Dissipative overall, white colour, size XS
7807.502  Dissipative overall, white colour, size S
7807.503  Dissipative overall, white colour, size M
7807.504  Dissipative overall, white colour, size L
7807.505  Dissipative overall, white colour, size XL
7807.506  Dissipative overall, white colour, size XXL

7807.511  Dissipative overall, light blue colour, size XS
7807.512  Dissipative overall, light blue colour, size S
7807.513  Dissipative overall, light blue colour, size M
7807.514  Dissipative overall, light blue colour, size L
7807.515  Dissipative overall, light blue colour, size XL
7807.516  Dissipative overall, light blue colour, size XXL

T-shirts & Polo-shirts
Colour: light grey
Symbol: yellow ESD
96% cotton, 4% carbon fibre
Charge decay:
< 2 sec
7807.696  Dissipative T-shirt, size XS
7807.698  Dissipative T-shirt, size S
7807.700  Dissipative T-shirt, size M
7807.702  Dissipative T-shirt, size L
7807.704  Dissipative T-shirt, size XL
7807.705  Dissipative T-shirt, size XXL
7807.708  Dissipative Polo-shirt, size S
7807.710  Dissipative Polo-shirt, size M
7807.712  Dissipative Polo-shirt, size L
7807.714  Dissipative Polo-shirt, size XL
7807.716  Dissipative Polo-shirt, size XXL

ESD overall Fleece
Antistatic fleece in soft dissipative static fabric, unisex model with high neck and zip closure.
Complete with 2 side pockets and sewed fabric ESD logo.
Very warm is perfect for winter season.
– Color: gray or blue
– Fabric Composition: 97% Polyester, 3% Carbon Fiber
– Fabric weight: 245g/m²

7807.736G Dissipative fleece, LIGHT GREY, size XS
7807.738G Dissipative fleece, LIGHT GREY, size S
7807.740G Dissipative fleece, LIGHT GREY, size M
7807.742G Dissipative fleece, LIGHT GREY, size L
7807.744G Dissipative fleece, LIGHT GREY, size XL
7807.746G Dissipative fleece, LIGHT GREY, size XXL

7807.736B  Dissipative fleece, NAVY BLUE, size XS
7807.738B Dissipative fleece, NAVY BLUE, size S
7807.740B Dissipative fleece, NAVY BLUE, size M
7807.742B Dissipative fleece, NAVY BLUE, size L
7807.744B  Dissipative fleece, NAVY BLUE, size XL
7807.746B  Dissipative fleece, NAVY BLUE, size XXL

Disposable coats
Polypropylene lab coat with elastic wrists, style 3/4 length, unisex with two side pockets.

7807.658  Disposable coat ESD, white colour, size M
7807.659  Disposable coat ESD , white colour, size L
7807.660  Disposable coat ESD, white colour, size XL
7807.661  Disposable coat ESD, white colour, size XXL
7807.654  Disposable coat NOT ESD, white colour, size L
7807.655  Disposable coat NOT ESD, white colour, size XL