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PCB baking oven

PCB baking oven

PCB baking oven
Option 8107.117

PCB baking oven

PCB baking oven

PCB baking oven

SAHARA DRY – Forced ventilation oven (from 40°C to 280°C) with humidity control (<5%RH)
Many sizes (from 40 to 700 liter) and power to satisfy all different applications.
The ovens are controlled by a digital controller that is easy to set. This digital controller is a smart PID thermo regulator with integrated datalogger and multifunction timer.

The Sahara ovens can work in 4 modes:

1) SetPoint:
The oven reaches a setpoint temperature and stays steady.
2) Countdown:
It’s like the SetPoint mode but with a time limit. After the countdown time is expired the oven stops.Time limit can be set from 1 minute to 999 hours and 59 minutes.
3) Programmed start-up:
It’s useful when you want to start-up the oven on a precise date/time (for example at 6:30 on monday after the weekend the oven start-up to SetPoint 200°C)
4) Thermal programmer:
It’s possible to edit on a PC and then download to the digital controller up to 10 programs with 100 steps each. In every step you can set: the temperature setpoint, the maximum gradient to reach it and the duration.

The digital controller has an internal clock with back-up that can keep the right clock for a week without power supply. This is useful to minimize the damage caused by any black-out when the oven is working in “Countddown”, “Clock” or “Prog” mode.

Technical specifications:
Outer body steel coated in epoxy anti-acid paint.
Inner structure in stainless steel AISI304
Heating elements not in contact with the internal chamber
Thermal insulation with natural mineral fibre.
Internal grid shelves can be placed at different height
Ventilation opening with manual flow control.
Temperature range from +40°C to +280°C.
Accuracy: ± 1.5 °C.
Resolution: ± 1 °C.
Digital control: PID thermo regulator with integrated datalogger and multifunction timer.
Interface to PC: USB
Display accuracy +/-1°C
Safety thermostat with visual alarm and manual reset (range from 50°C to 280°C).

Humidity Control
Humidity Control:
<5% RH when 40°C<T<100°C
Humidity range: 1-95%RH
Accuracy: ±2%RH
Resolution: ± 0.1 %RH

 shelves (included/max) Internal dimensions
External dimensions.
SAHARA DRY oven 80 liter 2/8 458x372x472 796x570x680 1200/230V 45
SAHARA DRY oven 120 liter 2/9 498x477x512 836x680x720 1600/230V 50
SAHARA DRY oven 250 liter 2/14 593x522x797 956x730x1025 3200/230V 90

8107.108  Sahara Dry oven 80 liter
8107.110  Sahara Dry oven 120 liter
8107.112  Sahara Dry oven 250 liter

  Door with inspection window, 200x200mm
8107.154  Additional shelf for Sahara Dry 80 liter
8107.156  Additional shelf for Sahara Dry 120 liter
8107.158  Additional shelf for Sahara Dry 250 liter

PCB baking oven
PCB baking oven
PCB baking oven
PCB baking oven
PIDManager software
The PIDManager software is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 is an option (8107.215).  This option is necessary to set thermal programs and to download and view datalogger records.
Inside every digital controller of the Sahara ovens there is integrated a datalogger that can log 10800 samples of temperature and humidity.

Sample rate Sample duration (T + RH%)
1 sec 3 hours
5 sec 15 hours
10 sec 1 day and 6 hours
15 sec 1 day and 21 hours
30 sec 3 days and 18 hours
1 min 7 days and 12 hours
5 min 37 days and 12 hours
10 min 75 days
15 min 112 days and 12 hours
30 min 225 days

8107.215  PIDManager software and specific USB cable to set thermal programs and to download and view datalogger records