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Superform motor unit
Equipped with manual speed adjustment and automatic torque control for an easy and fast working of the Superform machine. The motor unit is supplied only with the machine assembled.
7915.030: 220V motor unit for Superform/A-AP-S-V-R-RCP
7915.031: 110V motor unit for Superform/A-AP-S-V-R-RCP
7915.032: 220V motor unit for Superform/AF-VP
7915.033: 110V motor unit for Superform/AF-VP
600.023: Foot switch for  7915.030/031/032/033 motors

Superform  tape reel holder BR6
A tape reel holder arm to be fixed on the left side of Superform, to facilitate unwinding of the tape.
7915.185: BR6 for all Superform models