Vacuum Heat Sealers (with external aspiration)

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Vacuum heat sealer with external aspiration

Vacuum heat sealer with external aspiration

Professional heat sealer with external aspiration VACUTEK
Vacutek is an innovative external suction welding machine, an evolution of the previous model Vaculab which has been produced for over 10 years.
Vacutek is available in two versions, manual (7914.340) and motorized (7914.345), which differ only in the automatism that closes the jaws to start the air extraction cycle and subsequent welding of the barrier bags.
The 7914.345 motorized Vacutek is supplied with a foot-pedal.
Furthermore, having the 7808.340 model it is always possible to switch to the 7914.345 motorized model using the special 7914.341 upgrade kit.

The advantages of Vacutek are:

1) it is possible to use both flat and textured bags

2) No danger for the operator with the motorized version
Unlike other motorized vacuum machines, the pressure exerted by the jaws moving is not suffi cient to cause damage to the hands.

3) Wide jaw opening
Excellent visibility when the mouth is open (the jaws open up to 45° in both Vacutek versions. This allows the operator to insert the bag quickly and accurately.
Vacuum heat sealer with external aspiration
4) Little effort to start the cycle
Both Vacutek models can start the suction cycle by manually pushing the upper jaw handle down. Once the cycle has started, it is not necessary to conti nue pushing. The force to apply on the handle to start the cycle is about 4Kg for the 7914.340 model, while it is about 400g (just use a finger!) For the 7914.345 model.Vacuum heat sealer with external aspiration
5) Starting by pedal.
In the motorized version (7914.345) the cycle can also be started by pedal, with the advantage of having hands totally free.
Vacuum heat sealer with external aspiration
6) No maintenance
The vacuum pump is dry therefore it does not require any maintenance.

Seal length: 450mm
Vacuum pump: Dry 5 m³/h
Soldering jaws:
External dimensions:
Power supply:
220V/50Hz 600W
Noise: <65dB

 Manual vacuum bag sealer, external aspiration.
7914.345 Motorized vacuum bag sealer, external aspiration, foot pedal included.
7914.341 Upgrade kit from manual to motorized model