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ESD vacuum cleaner Hand ESD vacuum cleaner
All parts of the fully ESD safe vacuum cleaner are made out of conductive material. It is compact, light and equipped with a carrying belt for easy handling.
Dimensions: 31.5 x 12 x 18.5cm
Weight: 2.2Kg
Hose length: 2.5m
Power cord length:
Power supply: 230V – 1300W
Dust capacity:
1.2 liters

7913.050: ESD vacuum cleaner
7913.051: ESD vacuum cleaner with electronic speed control
7913.060: Set of 10 special filterbags
7913.062: Micromotorfilter HEPA combined with Electrostatic charged filtermedia
7913.066: Flexible rubber nozzle, 34cm, with removable brush

Self-adhesive polyester film
Transparent static dissipative, self adhesive Polyester film. It includes a special abrasion resistant coating on one side and a release film on the other side. It can be applied on flat, insulative surfaces.
Point to point resistance: 10^9 Ω
Dissipative Polyester film: 100μm thickness
Dissipative acrylic adhesive: 12μm thickness
Release Not ESD film:
23μm thickness

7809.042: Self-adhesive polyester film 1000mm x 100m roll. Custom size on request

ESD acrylic panels
This clear acrylic sheets are surface coated with an extremely thin and highly abrasion resistant dissipative film which keeps the transparency and the working properties of acrylic sheets unvaried. Equipped with a protection film on both sides to avoid damages during transportation and storage.
Material: acrylic
Permanent dissipative coating
Hardcore surface, resistant to friction damage
10^8 Ω to 10^10 Ω

7809.010: Acrylic panel – Transparent, Dissipative, 1m x 2m x 3mm
7809.012: Acrylic panel – Transparent, Dissipative, 1m x 2m x 5mm
7809.014: Acrylic panel – Transparent, Dissipative, 1m x 2m x 6mm
7809.016: Acrylic panel – Transparent, Dissipative, 1m x 2m x 8mm
7809.018: Acrylic panel – Transparent, Dissipative, 1m x 2m x 10mm
7809.022: Acrylic panel – Transparent, Dissipative, 1.2m x 2.4m x 20mm

ESD A4 document pocket Ring binder and wallets
Static safe ring binders and document holders made from permanently antistatic materials, an excellent means of storing documents, specifications and drawings in any static sensitive environment.
Rs < 10^11 Ω (7804.400)

7804.413  A4 document pocket with holes, opaque permanent antistatic (100 pieces)
7804.414  A4 document pocket with holes, crystal permanent antistatic (100 pieces)
7804.420  A3 document pocket with holes, landscape (100 pieces)
7804.400  A4 ring binder – 4 ring 35mm diameter, blue color

ESD waste bin Waste paper bin
Waste paper bin made of conductive polypropylene.
Surface resistivity: < 10^6 Ω

7804.406  Waste paper bin, volume 17 litre, ext. diameter 300mm, height 330mm
7804.405  Waste paper bin, volume 60 litre, 360x360mm, height 500mm
7804.405C  Conductive cover for bin 7804.405
7804.404  Waste paper bin, volume 120 litre, 400x400mm, height 780mm

Antistatic waste bags
Made of antistatic polyethylene.
Thickness: < 40um
< 10^11 Ω
Colour: Green, printed with black ESD logo

7804.408  30 litre bag (package of 100pcs), to fit 7804.406 bin
7804.409  90 litre bag (package of 100pcs), to fit 7804.405 bin
7804.410  120 litre bag (package of 100pcs), to fit 7804.404 bin