Vinylab Tiles

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VINYLAB is a resilient tile, with permanent static-dissipative property, designed for working in areas where electrostatic discharges may cause damages to the electronic components.
Double layer, conductive black colour on the bottom side and dissipative coloured on the top side.
The tiles join together quickly and simply by means of dovetail joints. Because of this laying technique, no pre-treatment of the base is required: tiles can be laid without disrupting routine activities and the floor is ready for immediate working.
It is suggested to create a copper grid on the bottom and connect it to the ground.
Resistance to ground: < 10^7 Ω
Material: calendered vinyl / 2 layers
Walking test according to IEC61340-4-5 (with dissipative shoes): < 50V
Chairs with castors: Appropriate
Medium traffic: Appropriate
Heavy traffic with lift cart: Not recommended
Abrasion resistance: Good
Combustibility: Class 1
Chemical resistance: Good
Thickness: 4mm
Dimensions: 500x500mm
Surface: 0,235m²
Weight: 6Kg/mq
Package: 20 tiles (4,70m²)

7805.800: Sky-blue interlocking tiles
7805.801: Gray interlocking tiles

ECO V4 glue for mats
Conductive glue for sticking mats on benches or on the floor.
Surface resistivity: < 3×10^5 Ω

7805.840: One component conductive glue, black colour, 16Kg can, useful time 10-15 minutes, consumption about 350g/m²

Copper earthing Tape
Used to ground ESD matting. Self-adhesive.
Thickness: 0.05mm
Long: 30m

7805.828: COPPER adhesive earthing tape 10mm wide
7805.830: COPPER adhesive earthing tape 15mm wide

Floor grounding kit and test point

7805.834: GROUNDING KIT. Supplied with two meters long copper earthing type. Dowels and screws not supplied.