Empty Pocket Chek (EPC) option for motorized counter for SMD

Empty_Pocket_Check_for_SMD_reels Empty Pocket Chek (EPC) option for County/S EVO motorized counter for SMD:
SMD reels sometimes have missing components that most counters cannot detect.
The County-S EVO equipped with EPC (model 8301.133 and 8301.143) not only counts the sprocket holes but also checks each pocket to verify that the component is really inside.
In case of missing parts the machine can stop immediately after a desired consecutive missing component number (Stop Number is selectable from 0 to 9)
When the count ends the display shows both the number of detected components and the number of missing components.
As an additional benefit, the EPC option stops at the last components of the reel (SMD reels have about 400mm of tape leader without components).
This make it easy to rewind.