PCB Solder Masking

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It’s a good quality latex compound, ESD safe, designed to protect parts of the PC boards during the soldering production processes. Once cured the paste will not lift or separete during soldering. It’s exceptionally cohesive, generally peeling off in one piece. It’s also suitable for use as a comformal coating. Mask can be applied using robotic, pneumatic, hand applicators, brush and template screening.

Curing at normal temperature: from 40 to 60 minutes
Curing at 60°C: from 15 to 25 minutes
Colour:  white
Smell: light ammonia
Recommended thickness: 2mm max
Resistance Rs and Rv: < 10^10 Ω
Shelf life at 22°C: 6 mounth

7805.915: Solder masking paste, 250 gr squeeze bottle
7805.918: Solder masking paste 5 Kg in plastic

Polyimide adhesive tape ideal to protect contacts on the boards during the wave soldering, or other high temperature production processes. Silicone adhesive protection without leaving a residue.
Length: 33 m
Diameter: 75mm
Thickness:  0.06 mm (2.3mil)
Temperature: 260°C maximum

7807.185: High temperature tape 6mm x 33m
7807.186: High temperature tape 9mm x 33m
7807.187: High temperature tape 12mm x 33m
7807.189: High temperature tape 19mm x 33m
High temperature tape 25mm x 33m
7807.192: High temperature ESD tape 6mm x 33m
7807.193: High temperature ESD tape 9mm x 33m
High temperature ESD tape 12mm x 33m
7807.196: High temperature ESD tape 19mm x 33m